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 Mind Mantras is a pursuit to unleash the limitless power of the human mind to attain excellence. 

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 The Three C's Mantra for Corporate Success- Communicate, Connect, Collaborate

Corporate training solutions aligned with Organizational Goals and tailored to fit employee needs. 



    The PPP Mantra for Success- Prepare Practice, Perform. 

We offer courses targeted to help students and fresh graduates. We partner with Industry Experts, Senior Human Resource Professionals and Seasoned Recruitment Consultants to empower the young professionals with skills that last a lifetime! They learn how to seize their dream job but also climb the corporate ladder.



Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, more work/life balance, or a resume refresh, we can help. We coach by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personality type and career interests.  If you want to change your career, or just take it to the next level, call us today. 

who we are


Who We Are

 At Mind Mantras we create a quality learning experience that brings about personal transformation which motivates the individual to strive for excellence in achieving personal and professional goals.

Our Esteemed Clients Include : Cognizant Technologies Ltd. Bharat Forge Ltd. and it's subsidiaries, Reserve Bank of India, CIBIL, Sunguard Availability Services,Sancheti Hospital, Chavan Group of Companies,  Ruby Hall Clinic, ANA Design Studio, Rahee Clinic, Army Institute of Technology., Pune University and it's affiliated colleges.

We also partner with : InnoQuest Consulting, Potter's Earth, Infinite Myriaads Pvt. Ltd., Midas Academy, Edubridge India Pvt. Ltd., IITD, AnD HR

Clients Speak

 “The workshop was a wake up call for us since we thought we had mastered some of these skills. Training was interactive and coherent, with real life examples and activities that kept us involved.”
– Business Analyst, Cognizant Technologies Ltd.

“ Highly interactive session. Very useful as it brought to our attention the small nuances we were missing out. Liked the explanation of the subject with practical role plays"
Senior Management, Bharat Forge Ltd.

"Snehal with her detailed discussion on minutest of sections helped us in enhancing our readiness for a launch pad to our corporate career. Mock sessions have been very insightful and helpful." 

- Student, Dept. Of Management Studies, Pune University (PUMBA) 

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Trainer profile

Snehal Sarkar


A Certified Master Life Coach from the American University of NLP (AUNLP) and a Corporate Trainer with close to 15 years of management experience in hospitality and training with leading global brands like ITC Hotels Ltd., Novotel and Bharat Forge Ltd. in India and Canada. She has managed several elite VIP visits such as former president, Bill Clinton, Mr. Bill Gates among many other C level Executives, dignitaries and celebrities which honed her customer service and communication skills.

She pursued her Post Graduation in Human Resources from Pune and later specialized in Training and Development from Toronto, Canada. She was awarded the Prime Minister’s scholarship and she secured All India First Rank in Business Communication in the National Council for Hotel Management, Ministry of Tourism.

Being fun-loving and energetic she enjoys working with young professionals and likes to create an inspiring yet enjoyable learning experience.   She offers group workshops and one-on-one sessions and has initiated a transformation in more than 7000 professionals and students across industries in the last three years. She has led multiple Business Communication sessions for Cognizant Technologies, Sunguard Availability Services and Reserve Bank of India and is a Corporate Etiquette Coach for Senior Managers of Bharat Forge and its subsidiaries. She is a Job Search Strategy Coach and enables students and young professionals to create a Career Strategy. She is also a visiting faculty for the M.E and B.E students at the Army Institute of Technology (AIT) , MIT, PCCOE and other colleges affiliated to Pune University. She is associated with the Department of Management Studies, (PUMBA) for the last 4 years as a faculty for Business Communication as well as Campus Recruitment Training. As a member of MCCIA she got the exposure to partner with organisations on various NSDC skills development projects for the youth in rural Maharashtra. 


She enjoys creative writing and was selected as the winner of the Voice of HR contest in Times of India, Ascent in Mar 2014 and has recently Co-Authored an E-book for Children.

If you are interested in pursuing an international life coaching certification:


employee enhancement programs


“Careers are not built on aspirations. They are built around the portfolio of skills we have. Being able to learn new skills constantly is an important element of success in today’s world and this is not a skill most people have been used to building.” -Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer, Wipro, Quoted in Economic Times.

 We offer behavioral and soft skills training programs which are customized after assessing and understanding organizational training needs.


Workshops are tailored as per training needs

  •   Effective Business Communication  
  • Corporate Etiquette and Social Finesse
  • Dilute Time and Manage Stress 
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Cultural Sensitivity 
  • Leadership Skills for Young Managers 
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills 


Our Training Methodology

 We adopt interactive, experiential learning techniques which engage the participants in their personal learning process. 

Each Training Capsule constitutes three main components:

  • Energizer/ Activity/ Video/Audio - Each module will start      with one of the given, to draw the participant’s attention to the subject      and ensure they actively interact. 
  • Debrief -Lecture/Discussion- Debrief will initiate a      discussion of the topic and will lead the participant to learn important      theoretical concepts and techniques. This will be in lecture mode and      supported with relevant handouts.
  • Exercise/Simulation/ Practice - The participant      will implement the learning in a suitable exercise or role play. They will      be given feedback on their performance with areas of improvement

student centric programs


We believe in the PPP Mantra for Success - Prepare, Practice, Perform


At Mind Mantras we partner with Industry Experts, Senior Human Resource Professionals and Seasoned Recruitment Consultants to empower the young professionals with skills that last a lifetime! They learn how to not just seize their dream job but also climb the corporate ladder.


We Offer Programs that are targeted to achieve a holistic development of the individual. Some of programs include:


  • Build your own Job Search Strategy- How to tap into the 25% visible      Job Market and Explore the 75% Hidden Job Market. 
  • Discover your Passion- A journey of introspection. Identify Strengths , Build requisite skills and Prepare an action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Basic of Job Search - Resume Writing, Group Discussion Techniques,      Interview Skills.
  • Raise your PQ- Personality Quotient - Grooming, Power Dressing,      Making a Powerful First Impression, Body Language that gets you noticed.
  • Written Communication Skills- Learn how to write effective emails, create your online brand.
  • Presentation Skills- Impress an audience.
  • English Language Clinic - Improve the way you speak English at your workplace in 30 hours.


Design A Winning Job Search Strategy:

This three day One-On-One Coaching program imbibes the GROW Model- Goal, Reality Check, Obstacles and Way forward. 

Day 1: (2 Hours)    
Identify Career Objectives and Goal.
Prepare action plan.
Map strengths, analyze gaps, re-align approach and start foundation work on resume and personal branding.

Day 2: (2 Hours)      
Discuss roles you are interested in and companies that offer the same.
Customize resume. Identify resources.
Create a strategy to get to that job.
Day 3: (2 Hours)
Address Self Image and Personal Branding.
Prepare an Interview approach. Mock Practice Session.
Identify holistic areas of improvement and prepare final action plan that gets you to the Job.

one-on-one coaching

A successful life rests of multiple spheres of Health, Money, Career, Relationships and Personal Growth. A Life Coach helps you assess all these areas of your life, define goals, identify strengths and acknowledge challenges. Read about what is life coaching in my Blog:


 At Mind Mantras our Experts offer you One -On -One Coaching sessions to address your challenges in the following aspects of your life:
Career- Shaping your professional life. Helping you create a winning      Job Search Strategy. Identifying and Honing skills that take your career      to the next level. Contemplating goals, devising action plans and taking      the plunge is what you do when you are with your Coach!

Relationships- Love and Happiness are important for  everyone and a smooth relationship brings both into our lives. So if you      are on shaky grounds and need a listening ear to simplify it for you, book      your session today!

Finance- Personal finance, a subject that intimidates and confuses many. Sometimes you make wrong decisions or sometimes you      just don't know what to do with your earnings. So you take an easier way      out...ignore it! Time to take control of your money and simplify those number      games. Our Financial Coach tells you just how to do it!

Health- Health is Wealth, so it's staying fit that is hard for you, then a Coach will help you identify the 'Why' and 'How' to get you on track! Make a action plan which is realistic and can stay the course!

Personal Growth- Success has a different definition for each person. So if you have found your success in one arena and want to move ahead and pursue new horizons and need a sounding board, book your session!

EXPERT FINANCIAL COACHING "Personal Finance" as subject, less taught in school and much needed in the real world is now being made simple for you.



Objective: To empower salaried professionals with financial intelligence that will set them on a path to financial success in a one on one session that is tailored to their specific challenges.

Week 1: Basics (2 Hr)
Key metrics to know your Current Financial Health
Know your  Money Multipliers I x C=EG
Know the Silent Wealth Eroders
Know the Biggest Money Mistakes working professionals make
Week 2: Become a Financial Pro (2 Hr)
Art of Budgeting
Art of Investing
Art of Diversification

Clients Speak

Listen to our clients share their experience. 


"My one on one session guided me in identifying my strengths, I was made to feel comfortable yet I was pushed to stay on track towards my goals. It was my help desk when it came to brainstorming career decisions."

 - Associate Project Director, TNS Global



"Snehal's creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a professional made it an absolute pleasure to train under her. Her strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of communication make her a valuable contributor to any situations or problems." 

- First Year MBA Student, Pune University.

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